Triple tarot reading with TarotBella

Tarot is just stories on cards.

– Erin Morgenstern

Not only travelling the world to see that everything is possible in this world, travelling through spiritual journey is another thing that I add up on my list.

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3 websites to build up your Self-Love

Most of the time we are focusing our energy on other people until we feel drained. We feel drained because of the expectation that we put it on others. The expectation to get the love back. And this cycle will still continue until we are realize that what’s missing from this equation. What’s missing here […]

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Join a spiritual journey through meditation with Deepak Chopra & Oprah

Today is the first day that this FREE meditation course kick start! & and I decided to join it. This is 21 days meditation course that said it’ll expand your happiness but as for me I think it gave me a peaceful & calm moment. Link: Register for FREE 21 days meditation course

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