Feed your soul (Book Club)


Some people love to exercise to gain their physical strength but forget about mental development which is their soul. I love to accompany myself with a good book that can transform my life & my soul to a higher level. Today I bought two good books which I heard about it for quite some time.


1. “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz
I first heard about this book when I watched Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday on the topic “How to not take it personally” which this episode was great and it struck me and made me questioned myself.
2. “101 exercises for the SOUL” by Dr. Bernie S. Siegel
I was activated by its forewords which captivate me to purchase and try to find out more about this book. I have to admit that I’m kind of lazy about exercises even I know that it will make me healthier in the physical way but since this year I started my own spiritual journey which was I have to say ‘Amazing year EVER’. Since I stared this journey, it brought back a great thing into my life such as happiness, new friends, fortune & gratitude. So after I saw this book in the book store…I know that I have to buy it.
This book will motivate you and keep your soul sweat (in a good way). When you build a strength from the inside like your soul, its aura will be shined out of your face & body. People with a healthy mind, tends to have a healthy life. This book will captivate you since the introduction page! Every words, passages, sentences are meaningful & like a big treat for your soul.

This must be Two must read book for people who love themselves.

Continued my spiritual journey~

Day 8 – 21 days meditation course to expand your happiness

After skip this for few days because of my supper busy life plus I also went on an office trip to Phuket, Thailand. Finally I can find some quite time for myself to get back on an important path of my life.

Yesterday can considered to be my first start of a second week of my meditation course. The centering thought was “We are here to enjoy” which I have to say that I was a bit tired from a flight from Phuket and it made me loose my concentration…I almost felt asleep between the meditation & can put myself together but I was still feeling really good after finished.

Continued my spiritual journey~

Day 6 – 21 days meditation course to expand your happiness

Centering thought for day 6 was “Hope lights my path”

What I learned was “Don’t loose hope” in whatever you do. Hope will guide you to happiness.

Continued my spiritual journey~

Day 5 – 21 days meditation course to expand your happiness

What I’ve learnt from last night meditation was: Continue reading “Day 5 – 21 days meditation course to expand your happiness”

Day 4 – 21 days meditation to expand your happiness

Yesterday was the fourth day of my 21 days meditation course but I had to go to bed early because I’ve planned to donate blood tomorrow morning.

The centering thought of day 4 was “I am love”. I’ve to admit that I was not concentrate much yesterday so I decided to do it again tonight which the same centering thought but even if I loosen my concentration, I’ve learn a lot from it anyway.

Love is us. Love is in all of us.

From my past relationship, I was try to find someone to fill my void, to give me the love I think I deserve but as much as I gave him my love…I still feeling lost, unfulfilled and demand for more because at that time I didn’t realize that “I am LOVE” and I was disrespected myself. It was ME that did not give myself the love I deserve.

But now, I’ve learnt a lot from my past which I love myself more and I’m fulfilled. I’m happy.

Continued my spiritual journey~


Day 3 – 21 days Meditation course

Today is about peace which not just a regular peaceful mind but ‘spiritual peace’.

I can really feel how peaceful I am during the meditation; I was imagine a picture of positive things I wish it’ll happen in my life, all the happiness, joy and happy relationship which I actually see it like it was happening! One step at a time…

Day 2 with Chopra’s meditation course + Mother’s day in Thailand

Today is “Mother’s day” in Thailand. Why today? Because today is actually Queen’s birthday and Thai people considered Queen is a mother of the country so her birthday was chosen to be Mother’s day.

I woke up this morning and hug my mom and told her that I love her so much which I actually told her everyday (just in case I might die from some accident or fetal disease.) which I won’t have to be regret about anything I didn’t do and she will remember that my last word to her was “I love you”.


I just finished my second day of meditation course which today the center subject is “I am filled with spirit.”. I think I’m doing better today as I can stay still and stop counting that when it’ll over and peaking at my ipad to see how much time left.

Feeling full of energy and I’ll keep this sentence in mind to energize my day tomorrow.

You guys still can register for this FREE meditation course LINK because they will keep the meditation sound clip for 5 days after it’s released. You’ll receive an email about the meditation after registered.


Continued my spiritual journey~

– RIP “Robin Williams” I adore your work and will keep your smile in my heart.


Join a spiritual journey through meditation with Deepak Chopra & Oprah

Today is the first day that this FREE meditation course kick start! & and I decided to join it. This is 21 days meditation course that said it’ll expand your happiness but as for me I think it gave me a peaceful & calm moment.


Link: Register for FREE 21 days meditation course