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Hi, I’m Prae.
I live in Bangkok, Thailand, born & raise here. Free spirit person with independent mind~ I love reading, mostly self-improvement books which help growing my spirit through this weird world. Inspiration for me is travel the world as it makes you see thing in a different way, outside the box & change your perspective completely.

I was born in JUNE which totally make sense that’s why I love the smell of rain and smell of earth that soak up with the fallen water from the sky (In Thailand, The rainy season was started in June until almost October).

What I love about my hometown is FOOD! Thailand wasn’t called “The kitchen of the world” for nothing!
24 hrs street food: #1 in Best 23 cities for street food by CNN, #1 in The World’s Top 10 Cities For Street Food by Forbs, #1 in The 10 greatest cities for street food by The Telegraph. Not just food but Thailand also has a long history, culture and beautiful tradition. So many things for the explorer to discover!

I’ve been to Hong Kong, Singapore, England, Scotland, South Korea, Japan, Cambodia, Philippines and my last stop was PAKISTAN (and the list still go on in the future).

I love my curly hair, everything cute, pink colour, arts & obviously I LOVE to write which I’ve dreamed that one day I will be a writer. Sharing my travel experience to you guys might be helpful in some way which I hope you will enjoy my blog along the way.

Keep in touch, XOXO



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