Triple tarot reading with TarotBella

Tarot is just stories on cards.

– Erin Morgenstern

Not only travelling the world to see that everything is possible in this world, travelling through spiritual journey is another thing that I add up on my list.

I do meditation and the course work from Louise Hay, Course in miracles from many respective spiritual mentors because I believe that you cannot be healed through your journey but you need to heal yourself from the inside. It starts from your heart.

A few months ago I broke up with my ex and it took me quite sometime to admit, understand the situation and move on but deep down I know that I still need to know something which I cannot find the answer. Until one day I scroll down my bloglovin’ feed and found a blog post from “skinnedcartree” about her tarot reading from TarotBella so I thought “This might be a sign!” so I checked out her etsy “TarotBella“.


There’s many readings in the shop that you can select to suite your need which I chosen “The Love Counseller” which I submitted my personal info as required, questions and then…wait.

Next day I received the reading and I was so excited to read it! In the email, there’s an attached pdf file of the reading with beautiful template and easy to read.

I read it carefully and I was stunted! by the accuracy she brought to the table! It’s just amazing and this’s my first tarot reading for quite long time. Her interpretation brings the stories that hide inside the tarot cards to life. Such a gifted person.

Then a week later I got the offer for a new position and was reluctant that I should go for it or just stay still so I turn to Kerry (TarotBella) again for Career Guidance which she’s also excited to help so she did my reading within 24hrs! After I received the answer from the universe which was interpreted by Kerry, my confidence was boost up to the next level, all of my fear was gone and ready to go for it!

Inside of her reading was an amazing encouragement message. So now I need to wait and see how it goes (Promise to keep you up to date).

Last week before October approached, Kerry held a free Halloween tarot reading on her FB Page “@TarotBella” and I applied for it as well and … I won! but I already did two readings so no more questions left for me and then I thought of my sister as her birthday is coming. I asked Kerry that can I give this reading to my sister as a gift and she said YES.

The reading was send back to me just in time for my sister’s birthday and I forward it to her. It’s a great gift for her and she’s really pleased about the reading which I also took a peek at her reading and I can see that some part that I knew of was also accurate as usual.

This is just my personal opinion so I think you need to try it yourself~



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