3 websites to build up your Self-Love

Most of the time we are focusing our energy on other people until we feel drained. We feel drained because of the expectation that we put it on others. The expectation to get the love back. And this cycle will still continue until we are realize that what’s missing from this equation. What’s missing here is… self-love.

“Your capacity to love yourself also influences how much you let yourself be loved by others.” – Robert Holden PhD.
People always misunderstood self-love with selfishness which I have to say this is TOTALLY big difference! For selfishness, it comes from ego but for Self-Love, it comes from LOVE. Ego is based on fear which fear and love cannot be together. I love what Robert Holden wrote in his book “Loveability” about self-love;
“Self-love is, in essence, a loving attitude from which positive actions arise that benefit you and others.”
Such a beautiful description of self-love.
This year if you didn’t start it yet and still don’t know where to start loving yourself properly, I have a guide for you with these 3 website that will change you to be the most loving person from within. Start loving yourself NOW!
  1. WELL+GOOD (https://www.wellandgood.com/)wellandgood

    Bring you to the whole new level of loving yourself though this website which will guide you to grow from inside out.

  2. MIND BODY GREEN (http://www.mindbodygreen.com/)mindbodygreen
    Other than really good articles about wellness, Mind Body Green also presented you a good online classes to improve your life and grow in every aspects. I am one of the super satisfy customers of their online classes!!!
  3. Hay House, Inc. (http://www.healyourlife.com/)


If you are new to spiritual path, this is a place for you. Heal Your Life is part of Hay House that was found by Louise Hay since 1984 (the year the I was born!). This site contains all the starter kits for your spiritual journey; affirmations, meditations, etc. But if you are one of the bookworm or love to apply for the online course, Hay House also offered you a very good book from the good writers and also really good online course. I really recommended “LOVING YOURSELF: ONLINE VIDEO COURSE (21-day course)”. This course is really good for all of you to want to learn to love yourself! and really WORK! so try it yourself.

Changing your life…is all UP TO YOU!

Keep me posted about your spiritual journey 😉

Love you!

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