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As I spend time in Pakistan for almost 6 months now, I’ve been to many places as work and pleasure arrowed me to go. One of the best places I have visited, was THE FAMOUS Salt Mines in Khewra, that situated in Pind Dadan Khan Tehsil of Jhelum District.

It’s far from Islamabad about 200 km. so you can rent a car from Islamabad to visit the salt mines. Which I did rent a car, as I was on the way bacl from Lahore to Islamabad and this place is between two cities so I decided to stop by. My car rental price was 1000 rupee per day.

Car parked in the parking lot and I walked to the ticket counter


Price ticket per person is 20$. The staff at the ticket counter will ask to see your passport and ask you to sign a consent paper before you buy a ticket and go into the mines.

After finished from the ticket counter, I walked along the path to the mines (it’s sunny day and really hot that day). Before I reach the entrance, I saw the souvenir shop on my left so I keep it in mind that I will stop by here on the way back because I really want that pink salt lantern!


No need for a guide! Just walk along the path, there’s sign everywhere. This is really excited for me.


When I walked down the turnel for a while, I started to see a lot of people coming toward my direction so this is good I had a company ;). After walked for a while, it didn’t feel hot any more instead you will feel the chill from the wall.

As you can see from the map, you will never get lost in this mine if you stick to the path because it’s like walk in circle and you will be back to the entrance in the end.


A small mosque made of salt bricks


Replica of Minaar-e-Pakistan made of rock salt


All the beautiful, breath-taking architectures build from salt bricks


This is worth every cent I paid for! So stunnig that nature gave a lot to this planet but we still want to ruin it for what? I’m so grateful for the beauty of nature that present in this world! If you guys have a chance to visit Pakistan, don’t forget to visit salt mines Khewra! and before you reach back to the entrance, there will be a place for souvenir inside the mines… DON’T BUY IT! Trust me! The shop outside the mines is much better and cheaper and the design of lantern also more beautiful.

Love you!

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