Sweet tooth in Siem Reap, Cambodia

While I was in Siem Reap last week on a business trip, I came across two cute little cafe which totally gonna blow your mind. (I might be exaggerate so you have to taste it by yourself) 😉

My great discovery reminded me that there’s something wonderful in Cambodia, accept the historical places like Angor Wat, Ta Prohm. In a bad weather, a good treat is the happiness to my soul. Some of you might wonder how can I found these two cafe: the answer is “GOOGLE”. After I was let down by the cafe at my hotel which I really don’t want to mention any information about it so I decided to search for a cafe near by which of course I didn’t expect to find a really nice one but I was fortunate enough that these two pop up in the search engine with a location.

So I told a took-took (common transportation likes Taxi that you can find in Cambodia) about the place to would like to go and show him a location on my google map. Luckily, these two cafes are in the same street.

First I went to a cute cafe called “Blossom Training Centre & Cafe



The first thing that I noticed before entering was the hospitality from the staff the way they smile and greet the customer; especially the foreigner likes me and then the second thing, I noticed, was display counter filled with many super duper cute overload cupcakes; it was like I’m in a cupcake paradise!

I was amazed by that and my head went blank which I just stand “frozen” in front of the counter and stare at all the cupcakes…and can’t choose which flavour to eat. (it took me for a while to choose) I have to admit that at first I was not so sure about how it taste (the taste might not going the same way its look). So I choose two cupcakes and one hot chocolate (fingers crossed).

The next best thing was I was the first customer that day so I had the privilege to choose the best spot in the cafe…and I choose the sofa which of course I was there alone but I had the power to choose anyway LOL.

Another reason behind the choosing was it is the spot that I can enjoy the whole place just like “bird’s eye view”.

For a few minute, my dessert was served. I was so excited!!! to know how it taste like. First I drank hot chocolate and its taste A-MA-ZINGGGGGGG, I mean seriously I didn’t expect this kind of quality but I just hope it might taste good…just good but not this goooood.

 After swoon from the taste of hot chocolate, I decided to taste the cupcake (which now my standard for the sweet was HIGH now) so I took the first bite and…this is OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD… OMG! how on earth that they can make the cupcake taste like this. The flavour is so rich I can taste butter, mint, chocolate, cream cheese which totally amazing.

And I ordered “cake pop” in rainbow flavour which I have no idea how’s it supposed to taste~ but it sounds awesome anyway. 

Which the first bite was also amazed me like a cupcake but inside the cake pop was…CRAZY!!! I still have no idea how they made inside of it looks so nice like that!

They also make a fondant cake as well which also look really nice. After stay here for a while I decided to move to another cafe I went pass by, it looks really cool as from the picture I saw in the search engine. (I bought two cupcakes back to my friend at the hotel)


The second cafe was “The Hive


Which I also received a nice hospitality from here as well. This two story cafe gave me a warm environment.

 Upstairs was decided to be a low table which you have to sit on a futon

  and downstairs was a bar that you can sat at the counter

I decided to sit out side to get a fresh air. As I have to get back to work, I decide to order just a juice which I saw in the menu that they have a detox juice blended from a fresh fruits and vegetables. Walla, my greeny juice is here:

The taste…well I like it if you are in to the vetgie smoothie just like me, you will love it but if you hate something green I suggest that you try something else ‘coz they have plenty of drinks in the menu which it’s gonna wow you. Except the small space, it gave me a warm & cozy feeling.

So if you have plan to go to Cambodia to see the historical places & learn about the culture; Siem Reap will be just the place for you. Which after sweaty journey, you might need to add some sweet into your blood to pump up your tired soul. Hope you guys have fun in Cambodia as much as I do.

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