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I know this might sound so weird… coz what I’m doing now is blogging!!! which is the way that we all share our life with the world nowadays. But think back to the past like 20 years ago, the time that internet wasn’t existed! How did we share our life? How did we share our story…to the world?

Of course…through writing which first was a letter and then when it turn out that your story is good enough and inspire other people, you can publish it and if it becomes famous, people world wide can read it too. And of course at some point that your story was published wold wide, you might be gone from this world and sitting, sipping tea watching people read your story from another world which some people might be left behind to miss you…How about today?

You don’t have to be famous to publish your story as a pocket book and get people to read & buy it but you can publish it for FREE through the INTERNET. Even though your story was just a crap which about mumbling that your life suck and you hate it or what so ever~ you can still publish and send the crap out to this world anyway. This fast lane is not only can send your thought to the world really quick but a great way to share your life with your loved ones but if it so easy…if they can keep track to every single things in your life…Where is the “miss you” part in our life?
We said we miss someone ‘coz we are not be able to meet them as much as we want to and start to wondering where they have been at that moment that was left blank and what we only have was “our assumption” about what might happened.
About 2 or 3 months ago, I went to Japan for a short trip with my family which I brought a portable wifi with me, took my ipad and left my iphone at home ‘coz it’s a family trip not a business trip, I don’t need a phone with me. And at some point, I left my life blank for a while. Some of my friends tried to reach me on my phone but of course…no answer and they told me after I got back that they assumed that I was dead… LOL…

You don’t have to share everything in your life with everyone…just left your life blank at some point and let them miss you. 🙂 Should what you want to share…Share thing that can inspire other people, inspire them and make them learn.

Be happy enough that it can shine so bright to light up the darkness in other people life!


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