Day 7 – 21 days meditation course to expand your happiness

Past week, I started my spiritual journey by apply to 21-day meditation course by Orpah & Deepak.
Finally, my journey reach day 7 which means I actually accomplish something 🙂 for the past week. Every steps, that were put on as “centering thought” in everyday meditation, are connected. Like you are connecting a dot and … Walla~ It turn out to be something amazing that you didn’t recognize it in the first place.
At first I don’t know that how this meditation can lead me to happiness or even ‘expand’ it but now…I understand.

Day 7’s centering thought is “I am wholeness” to feel complete which it’s totally make sense from all the dots from past week. After I’ve learned about happiness, spirit, peace, love, playful, hope…If you actually understand what deepak & oprah tried to tell you and guide you…Your life is complete.

My life is complete. There’s no void in my life. Happiness is who I am. I am love with peace in my mind and I hope foe the best to lead me to every possibility in my life.

Some people will be happy when they have a lot of money, when they have a lot of stuff but their void are too deep…it’s never be fulfilled. Happiness doesn’t attach to things but it attach to your inner peace.

This is what I’ve learned from my meditation.

Continued my spiritual journey~

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