Day 5 – 21 days meditation course to expand your happiness

What I’ve learnt from last night meditation was:

– The world is one biggest playground! So just get out & live your life!
– I can loose my concentration easily when try to visualizing things but I’ll try not to force it next time but I love it when I saw the picture that look really REAL like it really happens, the slide show of my happiness moment~
– I felt so energize!
– Feel the love and gratitude

Continued my spiritual journey~


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Writing, traveling, reading, love handmade stuffs with the passion of travel to get an inspiration from the beauty within. On spiritual journey to learn about how to live my life to the fullest and happiness along the way.

2 thoughts on “Day 5 – 21 days meditation course to expand your happiness

    1. Hi, M
      It’s good to hear that you are interested in meditation. Well, you can get start by yourself by finding some quite place and at first you might take time for meditate about 10-15 minutes but if you need a guidance to guide you along the way and give you some positive thought, you should apply for 21-Day Meditation by Oprah & Deepak at “”. And if you use ios, you can download app “Lift – Yout Daily Coach” which they offer some meditation course as well.

      Hope This can help~ enjoy meditation ^^

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