Day 2 with Chopra’s meditation course + Mother’s day in Thailand

Today is “Mother’s day” in Thailand. Why today? Because today is actually Queen’s birthday and Thai people considered Queen is a mother of the country so her birthday was chosen to be Mother’s day.

I woke up this morning and hug my mom and told her that I love her so much which I actually told her everyday (just in case I might die from some accident or fetal disease.) which I won’t have to be regret about anything I didn’t do and she will remember that my last word to her was “I love you”.


I just finished my second day of meditation course which today the center subject is “I am filled with spirit.”. I think I’m doing better today as I can stay still and stop counting that when it’ll over and peaking at my ipad to see how much time left.

Feeling full of energy and I’ll keep this sentence in mind to energize my day tomorrow.

You guys still can register for this FREE meditation course LINK because they will keep the meditation sound clip for 5 days after it’s released. You’ll receive an email about the meditation after registered.


Continued my spiritual journey~

– RIP “Robin Williams” I adore your work and will keep your smile in my heart.


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