Little review: What I love about Jatujak 2 (Weekend Market)

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Some of you that have been to Thailand before, might already know Jatujak Weekend Market, Chatuchak Market or JJ Market because It’s a landmark of the capital of Thailand in a business area but how many of you know about Jatujak 2.

Jatujak (Chatuchack, JJ) is the most famous weekend market in Thailand which locate in Jatujak district, Bangkok Thailand. It’s a lot of stuff that you can think of Thailand, from local Thai food to traditional decoration that capture the sense of Thainess. However, this market was changed through time and the sense of Thainess became just a business and not much of people know that JJ2 actually EXISTED!

My mom & I love to go to JJ2 as it’s located in Min Buri which so easy for both of us to get there. What makes this place so lovable?

Well, I have to say the local lifestyle here are the most enjoyable part which make it difference from the original JJ market. We have to came to the market early in the morning about 9 AM. to find a place to park. Even it’s early in the morning, the market was already crowded!

JJ2 is smaller than the original one but packed with all the shops from clothes to pets food just like the original but one thing that makes it stand out is…FRESH FOOD! It was like a big open air shopping center.

As we came here in the morning and our stomach started to sing which reminded us to have a breakfast first before shopping. We stopped by one of the most famous street food diner here “Kuay Jap Khun Yai” (Khun Yai means Grandmother and Kuay Jap is a kind of noodles, also known as paste of rice flour or boiled Chinese pasta square) so you can call “Gandma Noodle”. This diner was like an oldest diner in the market which an out of this world taste that you have to try. The famous dish is “Kuay Jap naam kon” (naam means liquid and kon means thick) you can call “Boiled Chinese pasta square in thick brown soup”. This diner is located at Section 5/007 (Section in Thai means Khrongkan).

Kuay Jap naam kon is a noodle soup with boiled giblets in a soy sauce gravy with a hard-boiled egg and blood cake. Thanks info from

Then we move to Section 5/035 which still in a fresh food section. At “Miss Mol’s Seafood” you can find fresh seafood such as prawns, fishes, crabs and shells here. Today we got 1 kilo of fresh prawns, 1 fish (not sure what kind) and 5 grams of clams. I love this stall! Last time I was here, I got 1 kilo of oyster! totally fresh!!!

My mom’s planned to make “Namphrik Kapi” (Shrimp paste chilli sauce) which required fresh veggie as a side dish so we are heading to vegetable stall at Section 1/167. This is what differentiate this market from the original. The veggies are super fresh and also organic.

As the weather today was clear and lovely, we kept walking until we found another seafood stall called “Khun Add’s fresh seafood” (Khun is a polite word in Thai to use as a pronoun which can use individual or with a name; substitute for miss, mister, Mrs). At this stall, I saw a big prawns which I told mom that next time we should buy some of these.

Not far from the seafood stall, we spotted fruit stall that sell bananas from their garden which organic and tasty. My mom bought ‘Silver Bluggoe’ (in Thai called “Kluay Hakmuk”) which is a type of bananas that taste really good when roasted!

Then we went to our fave Islam diner at Section6/118 which has a to-die-for “Beef green curry”  (in Thai called “Kaeng Khio Wan Neua”) that I always stop by every time I’m here.

It’s almost noon so we had to bought lunch for dad before head back home. We went to “Halsuna’s noodle & dumpling” at Section 7/130 which is my dad’s favourite.

But before we left, we still have a few things in list so we went to our fave cactus stall at Section 7/092. My mom & I are fond with cactus & succulent so when we are at JJ2, we’ll always bought back two or three of these little plant.

As my mom bought some fresh crab meat from the seafood stall, she’s planned to make a crab meat salad for dinner (yummy!) so we went on to the veggie stall near by called “Home Garden’s Organic Veggie” at Section 6/070 which they also sell a homemade salad dressing which made of pumpkin, black sesame, etc.

Last stop before heading home, we stopped by at Roti stall (Roti is southern flat bread) which they has three kind of fillings (meat, chicken & tuna). 

My favourite is MEAT! (I’m kind of a meat person) and… yeah it’s time to go home. See ya.


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